2017 Salon

2017 Salon

TEDxLeuven Salon - And Justice for All...

Lady Justice. Since the 16th century, she has proudly stood before courthouses worldwide, most notably in the USA, promising justice for all - blind to a person’s wealth, power, or status in society.

With her scales, she measures the strength of a case’s support and opposition and with her sword, delivers a justice that is both swift and final.

However, what power does Lady Justice have in the world of today? Does her promise still reflect reality or is she just a statue –
a tarnished relic of the past, frozen in place and unable to stop today’s many injustices?

6 speakers will take to a unique stage for TEDxLeuven’s 2017 Salon, to explore the full spectrum of conflict and how to transcend it.
Taking place in Leuven’s courthouse, in the highest criminal court we have, the 2017 TEDxLeuven Salon promises to spark debate
and ignite meaningful conversations about war, family and how together, we might achieve a more peaceful existence…and justice for all.


When - Wednesday 22nd of November, as of 19h.
Where - Criminal Court Leuven, Ferdinand Smoldersplein 5, 3000 Leuven.


We have 40 tickets on sale for professionals, 20 for students. Reception afterward is included.
Professionals - 20 euro
Students - 10 euro